Never Gonna Feel Like That Again

I think I have figured a little piece of life out. Anyone else tend to miss out on the fullness of the present by wishing for the future or dwelling on the past? I might have just realized an antidote. What... Continue Reading →


2016 Concert Recap

There is no doubt that 2016 has been a great year for concerts. In my experience, the past year has been comparable to 2014 as far as concert availability goes. I could give a detailed account of each concert, but... Continue Reading →

Being A Buc

This one is for those of you feeling nostalgic about the days you spent at your Alma Mater, those of you who are interested in how the first semester of my freshman year of college is playing out thus far,... Continue Reading →

Something Worth Saving

"So we keep holding on to something worth saving" -Gavin Degraw It is disheartening that the common populace seems only to discuss the health of the United States when election slander commences and adds to an already government-weary nation. One... Continue Reading →

James Dean Reincarnate or Frankie Ballard?

Some of the most enjoyable concerts are the ones that leave the concert-goer with a new album to love and/or a new layer of appreciation for an artist. Concerts build a relationship between the artist and the listener. It is... Continue Reading →

Here’s to a Concert Weekend

I am realizing that the stark contrast of something that you really enjoy-something that feels like it goes beyond the surface of enjoyment, something that resonates with who you are and what you like- versus something that you don't necessarily... Continue Reading →

The Improbability, Success, and Sacrifice of the United States

"No event in American history which was so improbable at the time has seemed so inevitable in retrospect as the American Revolution" -Joseph J. Ellis  As my family and I explored Washington D.C. trying to view all of the must-see... Continue Reading →

As For My Education at CCHS…

When you think of Campbell County High School you likely think of drugs, the school shooting, teenage pregnancy, or fights, or possibly all of the above. But my experience has been nothing of the such. As for my education at... Continue Reading →

To See The Gift-Giver As Better Than His Gifts

I tend to fully enjoy gifts that come from the Father; which is good. But I find myself elevating His gifts over Him; seeking His hand rather than His face. His gifts are good, really good. His creation is vast and... Continue Reading →

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