Growing up in East Tennessee, creation beauty is everywhere. 

I love mornings; I really do. I love the way the morning air feels, the newness of mornings, the stillness and silence of mornings. (By the way, I’m talking before 7am, just because you wake up at 10am doesn’t mean it’s still the morning).  


All of these photos were taken during the schoolyear; either as I left my house, was on my way to school, or at school.

Each of these sunrises were a gift, a beautiful one at that. 

“The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” Psalm 19:1

“Do you know the hoverings of the clouds, the wondrous works of him who is perfect in knowledge… Can you, like him, spread out the skies…?” Job 37:16,18 


There may also be some correlation to my love of “cruising” due to being raised in East Tennessee. I like to drive/ride around “up the valley” (that sounded incredibly southern of me). It’s true. In what we refer to as the valley I have experienced so much creation beauty.  



As a side note: I would argue that fall mornings in East Tennessee are incomparable. Nothing like them, to me anyways. 

I love mornings, I love afternoons, and well I love evening/night. Really, for me their is comfort, awe, and fear all in the view of what God has created by His hands. The vast unique sky every morning, afternoon, and night were products of the creativity and mind of God. And contrary to my belief, it’s not just in Tennessee it’s everywhere. The land God has created is bursting with beautiful, beautiful creation. Truly, He makes beautiful things. 

Just the other day while tubing down the river a little dragonfly decided he would ride with me for a while. All I could think of was how God imagined and created such a funny little creature. So unique in size, and the little mesh wings that adorned his back. Wow. 

(That was certainly a side note) 

Evening though. You can’t count East Tennessee out when it comes to sunset/evening skys either.   

I’ve gotten caught up in the sky pictures because I take them throughout the year because they are beautiful, and I enjoy looking at them. 

Did you catch that? Looking at them. When it comes to sky creation we can’t do much more than look at it. Marvel at it. Within our human limits that’s about it. We can’t change it, we can’t really use it. Do you get that? God created the vast sky knowing we could not use it. It was an outlet for awe to take place: created things looking upon creation thinking of how beautiful, holy, all-powerful the mind of their Creator is. 

As bad as this sounds, I think I enjoy enjoying the beauty of the sky because it does not require anything from me. It’s a natural response to enjoy the sky. It’s just there. It’s unique every morning and night. A gift. That should tell me something about my Creator. 

I have personally bought the lie over and over again that God isn’t my lover, that he isn’t after my joy, that I can’t trust him, that God’s way isn’t the best way, that I know better than God. But the sky, naturally, tells me a different story. In fact all of creation does, all I have to do is look around. 

{just to further reinforce the beauty, here are some miscellaneous pictures taken in various locations throughout the past few years}  

Taken atop the Chimney Rocks on McCloud Mountian.
Both fall-ish pictures above were taken on the beautiful, Virginia Creeper bike trail.
Arguably one of my favorite nature pictures of all time. This was taken early one fall morning in the backyard of one of my closest friends homes on top of McCloud mountain. (by the way, that is fog not water)
This picture was taken in Cade’s Cove.
Both beach pictures taken in Destin, Florida.