“We will never see God’s full plans for our lives if we do not take the chance to jump out of those windows of opportunity”

  I sat in full captivatity of the words that proceeded from lips of the man who spoke that statement. I am going to cut to the chase, give account of the clear cut wisdom and truth I heard in those moments intently listening to this follower of Jesus Christ.

Let’s talk about windows. In our lives there is window after window after window of risky opportunity to adventure more into the Kingdom of God on earth. Each window leads to another, logic tells that you must go through the first window to get to the proceeding window, and on.

(in practical application you know it’s a God window of opportunity generally when it defies logical sense, when its risky, and when it is going to require you to go beyond your comfort zone)

The first of these windows into God’s story and kingdom is the window that requires the surrender of our tattered, broken, soiled beings and the beginning of a eternal relationship with a God who loves perfectly and in fact is love incarnate. It sounds like this would be the easiest of windows to hurdle but because we are so bent towards sin and wholly participators, revelers, advocates, and conduits of sin this transaction of righteousness for shame is unnatural. No windows can be explored if the first window has not been charted.

The windows after the first, and my goodness how glorious the first is, are endless and specific to each participator in a relationship with Christ. Each may come with trials or celebration and all lead to a life you never could have imagined for yourself. Upon hearing this idea spoken to me the statement was made that: God is no respecter of persons, the Spirit within Billy Graham is the same in all believers it’s just that Billy took the risky windows of opportunity.  It is certain that you will never experience the depth of God’s provision until you make the choice to jump out of the window into the unknown of God’s plans and kingdom.

Jesus said: “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” 

I am certain that Jesus did not come purchase our lives by his own death and adopt us so that we could live ordinary lives. (I am not saying that we must strive in life to leave an impressive legacy). I am saying that my goodness we have opportunities because of Jesus to make our lives worth something! To adventure into His plans.

Oh what He will teach us if we listen,

Oh where He will take us if we follow,

Oh the love we will know if we seek Him,

Oh the opportunities we will be given.