The mantra of the week: cuan grande es Dios. How great is our God. That is not a cliché. This week has been indescribable. You had to experience it; my hope is that my words would give you a taste of the sweetness.

Unity. Joy. Fulfillment. Purpose. Love. Family. 

That’s what this week was. I love coming to California and Mexico because God opens my eyes wide to what His family looks like, yet I only a get glimpse. Only the meshing of two cultures and languages. But even this overwhelms our hearts and minds. Could we handle all nations and tongues? The goodness and awe that it would bring. Jesus is lord over all.

I love my Spanish family. In fact I am going to miss their language so much, but their hearts are even more beautiful. Welcoming us into their lives, their homes–serving with us, cooking for us; we shared meals, hugs, worship, smiles, plenty of laughs, and many many sweet memories.

Things God revealed during the trip:

  • He is to be feared. Seeing so much diverse creation whether it be people or landscape (people speaking different languages or looking down upon Chicago, San Diego, Newark and bodies of water from the clouds) demands this response. We are so so so so so small.
  • He is a good, good father.
  • He has a good, good family. (Praise Him for this gift)
  • There is nothing sweeter or better in life than knowing Jesus, being fully known by Him and being among the body of Christ. (Wanting to shout that from the rooftops after this trip).
  • You find your purpose in life by being found in Him.
  • We have beyond anything we can imagine to look forward to in Christ.

And some pictures as well….

Our Chaco’s and our hearts will never be the same.
Treasured car rides with Francisco, Ashton, and Luis.
The most beautiful skies all week. Thank you Father.
My sweet gato that I had the opportunity to love on all week, Señorita Gata. She was frail and precious.
Sometimes the shower curtain self destructs.
Ash and I with our fearless sister Maria; making Jesus known in Mexico.
We convinced George to try our favorite combination: tortillas, peanut butter, and bananas!
San Diego coast- beauty, beauty, beauty.
Sometimes unfortuntately ironically it pours the rain in Mexico and you get pushed in the mud.
God was faithful to bless me with a desire of my heart: to see my brother Victor again.
Lots of labor fun!
Our hunk of a brother holding his two pups.
california coast
Proud to be his Tennessee daughter. Luis is truly a man of God. Thankful that I will be his family for eternity.
My BEAUTIFUL sister Maria.
Sweet babes at Lourdes’s.
Our second trip together to Cali/Mex.