I think I have figured a little piece of life out. Anyone else tend to miss out on the fullness of the present by wishing for the future or dwelling on the past? I might have just realized an antidote.

What if we are never gonna feel like that/this again?

Sound familiar to anyone? Who would have thought you could retrieve some positive life application from a country song… But really, no need to reinvent the wheel because KC has it right.

“never gonna feel like that again”

Kenny Chesney’s “Never Gonna Feel Like That Again” song from the “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” (2002) album uses the aforementioned phrase repetitively amidst a recollection of past seasons of life from Friday night lights and prom, to falling in love, and having a child; by doing so it is expresses that each portion of life is “another race I’m glad I got to run”.

Most people tend to take hold of good times and pray to see the light at the end of the tunnel of hard times. But there is value in the thinking on the idea that you’ll never feel exactly like you do right now, ever again. Your circumstances are specifically a certain way in the present. But they won’t always be in their current configuration. For better or worse, times and seasons in life always come and they go.

“gotta grab each moment that I can”

Yet another lyric from the song: “gotta grab each moment that I can, cause I’m never gonna feel like this again”. The point: by recognizing that we’ll never get the particular opportunity again to feel as we do now, it will help us to embrace the “right now” for what it’s worth. It counteracts the bent towards wishing away time.

So there it is, go listen to “Never Gonna Feel Like That Again” and think about it…