Loveology by John Mark Comer

This work is the single most influential book I have ever read (aside from scripture itself). Before reading Loveology I did not believe a book could actually reshape your entire way of thinking.This self-made conclusion was dispelled when I went back and reread this book. I realized I need not reread it because I had apparently truly taken JMC’s words to heart and they had become my own understanding. Loveology is best described as a book that unearths the theology of love. It is practically coherent, a breath of fresh air, and scripturally sound. I love things that just make sense, everything JMC writes about does just that. One of JMC’s coined phrases is “the art of being human”, this book is a facet of honing humanity. Life the way God intended. A timelessly beautiful work that I will always be grateful for.

What tends to happen when you read Loveology: (I have seen this happen in my own experience and I have seen it happen with some of my closest friends) you cannot put it down and once you do you feel strongly compelled to share it. It is one of my favorite gifts to give. The first copy I ever read was one of my friend’s, that copy has been circulated in our group of friends. In another instance, and the moment of my first exposure to Loveology, a dear friend and her now fiancé purchased 50+ copies to give to others (they were on a college budget, that says something).

Garden City by John Mark Comer

It is difficult to choose which of John Mark Comer’s books have been most influential in my life. Much like the structure of Loveology, Garden City is a book that explicates theology: the theology of work. If we are being honest love and work are the two most important and ubiquitous things in life; therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we as humans get a grip on the dynamic of both and seek out the purpose and potential both facets of life have when they are used in their rightful sense. This book is practical, beautiful, and intellectual.

The World According to Star Wars by Cass R. Sunstein

Cass R. Sunstein has had various important roles in his lifetime: Harvard professor, head of a White House department, legal scholar, and yet he is the author of this little gem. Sunstein gives a surprisingly poignant social analysis and criticism about the world, specifically the United States, and relates it directly to the world of Star Wars. Intimate yet broad. Content ranges from why groups polarize and how that relates to Episode VII to topics such as “fathers and sons”, “the freedom of choice”, and “13 ways of looking at Star Wars”.

A More Perfect Union by Dr. Ben Carson

Incredibly helpful explication of a beautiful founding document. Not only was it written with knowledge and wisdom, it truly motivated me to not settle with an apathetic view of government. It only deepens my love and admiration for Dr. Carson.

All the President’s Men by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward

Having watched the film before I read the book, my concern was that I would not have the endurance to complete the entire book- that proved to be untrue, I could not put it down! I was amazed by the simplistic, yet sophisticated- formal, yet conversational way in which Bernstein and Woodward wrote the book. I could not have enjoyed it more! I was so pleasantly surprised by the integrity in which the investigative reporting was done in. I could not help but take notes the entire time. I read reviews of “All The President’s Men” before I checked the book out, one reviewer stated that it was necessary to continually remind oneself that this work is non-fiction, I could not agree more. Although I thoroughly enjoy the film and cast, I feel as though in order to understand the weight and broad nature of the Watergate scandal you must read the book.

My Name is Hope by John Mark Comer

Again, another perspective changer. This book’s full title is My Name is Hope: Anxiety, depression, and life after melancholy. JMC is honest about his own experience and gives forth theology and practicality concerning anxiety and depression. He addresses the overwhelming epidemic of anxiety and depression within the Western world. Everyone experiences seasons of such in their life therefore it is important that as humans we are aware of insight given the topic. I found this book incredibly helpful after a difficult season of life.

I would recommend each of these in hard-cover format. 

Featured Author

John Mark Comer

It is no surprise that out of all of the books I have read three of his made the cut for my book recommendations. He is my favorite author. His books are intellectual, personal, insightful, scripturally sound, and at the end of the day they just make sense. I admire JMC more than any other author of our time because he seems to place such an emphasis on the intellectual side of scripture and yet exhorts our place as humanity and gives bountiful practical application. His books have reshaped my perspective of humanity and of a Creator God. His words have been a gift in my life. He is also very relevant and in tune to the reality of western culture.